Discovery Commons At Wildewood is nationally recognized for its excellence in providing care assistance. A big part of this is because of the amenities we offer to the people in our community. With us, you know that your loved ones are fostered in a safe and homey environment with above-standard amenities.

About Our Senior-Friendly Neighborhood Design

We take care of your beloved family members seriously. You and Discovery Commons At Wildewood want the same thing. That is for them to live comfortably and be cared for 24/7. We provide them with personalized care services that guarantee exceptional lifestyle quality. As a result, they become happier and contented and by extension, they become healthier.

Benefits of Having Neighborhood Design in Your Senior Living Community

A community specially designed for your loved ones has many advantages in the improvement of their health conditions, whether physical, mental or social. Below are some benefits of community design for people who need extra care:

  • Dining Experience. Good and healthy food should always be a staple in communities such as ours. The dining ambiance is equally important so that your dear family members can have the appetite to eat. We pamper them with restaurant-style dining to get them to enjoy their food more. Thus, their body would always absorb the needed nutrition to stay healthy.
  • Outdoor Spaces. Your loved ones can find inner peace, which fosters mental health, in our plush outdoors. The scenery is in-tuned with nature so they can find tranquility and breathe in the fresh air as they walk their dog, read a book or sit at a bench while talking to friends.
  • Game and Crafts Space. Our activity room is specifically designed to draw your kin to do activities. They are multifunctional and can easily pique the interest of anyone. They can have fun doing crafts by themselves or enjoy playing games in the company of peers.

When Should You Consider Moving Into a Senior Living Community?

Your loved ones may experience a point where keeping up with financial responsibilities become more challenging. Insurances and bills may pile up like clockwork and they may be prone to scams. Furthermore, they might become prone to one health condition after another. If these happen, it might be time for you to move them into a community that can best take care of them. At Discovery Commons At Wildewood, we provide them with the best ambiance, where they wouldn’t have to worry about paying bills on their own and you are assured they would be well taken care of.

Why Choose Discovery Commons At Wildewood’s Senior Living Community?

Discovery Commons at Wildewood offers first-rate care provided by our compassionate team of carers. We ensure that we are there for your loved ones at any time of the day, whenever they need us. In addition, we also let them experience the most excellent amenities they could find in a caregiving community. From complimentary chauffeured transportation to 24-hour concierge service, we always think of ways that will make your loved ones’ lives healthier, easier, and more comfortable.

To learn more about living in Discovery Commons At Wildewood, contact us or call us at 240.301.9501 today.