Discovery Commons at Wildewood is a community that exists with a main goal in mind: offer the coziest place for your loved ones so they can live the most comfortable and happy lives every single day. We understand just how challenging it could be to find the most ideal community for family members, who may need extra care. So, we open our doors to anyone who needs assistance.

About Our Senior Living Community’s Dining Experience

Discovery Commons At Wildewood ensures to tailor-fit your loved ones’ dining experience depending on their needs and wants. We take care of your close family to the next level by making sure they eat the right and delectable food. We see to it that their health is taken into account with every meal without compromising their taste buds.

Benefits of Having Dining Experience in Your Senior Living Community

A community that provides a stellar dining experience for your loved ones can be scarce. But never overlook the importance of such service when you’re thinking of moving them into one because good food equals good health. Below are some advantages of a great dining experience for your loved ones:

  • Overall body health. Your family members get nutrition from the food that they eat. Thus, fostering overall body health. In some instances, people who need extra care don’t even touch their plates. In our community, we ensure to provide them with gourmet meals that appeal to their sense of taste so they could get the nourishment they need. As a result, they become energized and healthy day by day.
  • Choice of dining experience. At Discovery Commons At Wildewood, we always listen to your loved ones. When it comes to their dining experience, we leave the choice to them. They can enjoy their food with the company of their peers in our community or they can simply enjoy it in a peaceful and calm environment.
  • Your kin may no longer be able to eat by themselves or they may find it difficult to focus on their meal and wander around the community. There’s no need to worry because a place like ours always provides assistance when necessary. We have staff members who are always ready to help your family members. We also have “Food on the Run” for the ones who have difficulty focusing during their meals. With this, you are assured they always get the right food sustenance at the right time.

When Should You Consider Moving Into a Senior Living Community?

We cannot reiterate enough the importance of caregiving, especially to older members of the family. This is why Discovery Commons At Wildewood is always glad to help in every way we can. Some of the tell-tale signs it may be time for your loved ones to move into our friendly community is if they experience deteriorating health conditions, or they are prone to chronic illnesses and need someone to look out for them 24/7 so they can stay healthy. The great thing about our community is they can live independently, but they are also getting the health assistance they need.

Why Choose Discovery Commons At Wildewood’s Senior Living Community?

Discovery Commons At Wildewood is a nationally recognized community for our excellence in providing care. Our team is always passionate about putting your loved ones’ needs on top of our list. We ensure that our community lets them enjoy their independence by letting them choose the activities they would like to do to foster mental and physical health. At the same time, our team is ever-present any time their assistance is necessary.

To learn more about living in Discovery Commons At Wildewood, contact us or call us at 240.301.9501 today.