Memory loss makes it challenging for people with dementia to relate their identity – who they are and who and what matters to them. Discovery Commons At Wildewood is a community that understands this struggle. We open our doors and warmly welcome your loved ones, who may need support and extra care.

About Our Senior Living Community’s My Story Book

At Discovery Commons At Wildewood, we know just how important your loved ones’ memories are. This is why we have designed My Story Book as a chronicling tool to take care of them. The best thing about this activity is every significant person in your family members’ lives, carers and you as well collaborates and works together to help them remember. We can recreate their past by piecing together pictures and narratives that can elicit their most cherished memories.

Benefits of Having My Story Book in Your Senior Living Community

As already mentioned, recollection of the past is a challenge for your family members experiencing dementia. It is for this reason that communities, like ours, focus on helping them regain their memories. My Story Book does just this. As a result, they can reclaim their sense of identity. Here are other benefits of this activity:

  • Bonding time. You can bond with your loved ones. Reliving the life that you have shared with them may spark memories and may, in turn, start a conversation you hope to have with them. For family members, who are having difficulty with verbal communication, My Story Book is an opportunity for non-verbal cues. You may see them sigh or laugh. Through this, you are made aware that they remember.
  • Memory trigger. Browsing through the book of mementos can set off a slew of forgotten memories and since regaining back your close family’s identity is our priority, this is helpful progress.
  • Physical closeness. Whether it’s with you or our carers, creating and sharing My Story Book with your loved ones will foster renewed affection or new-formed friendships.

When Should You Consider Moving Into a Senior Living Community?

Aging family members are more prone to acquire chronic medical conditions, such as Alzheimer’s and heart disease. When this happens, and as they get older, they become less capable of taking care of themselves. This fact rings much more especially for those experiencing dementia. If you see your family members experiencing these worsening medical conditions, then it might be time for you to move them to a community that can best provide for their needs.

At Discovery Commons At Wildewood, we make it our priority to bring in carers, who share our conviction of providing the most compassionate service to improve your loved ones’ lives.  Since they are in our care, you are assured that they can get 24/7 assistance from our team, who will always treat them like family.

Why Choose Discovery Commons At Wildewood’s Senior Living Community?

Discovery Commons At Wildewood, along with our team of friendly carers, has a mission to genuinely care for your loved ones. We do this by providing them with the coziest ambiance, the best food, and the widest smiles so they will always feel like they are home. We also have a vast list of activities depending on what your family members need and want to do.

To learn more about living in Discovery Commons At Wildewood, contact us or call us at 240.301.9501 today.