People advancing in age must still enjoy life as they should. They need to go out, be agile, stroll around, and do all sorts of endeavors that interest them. This is why Discovery Commons At Wildewood is a friendly community that offers your loved ones an array of engaging activities that will keep their mind and body in tip-top shape.

About Our Senior-Friendly Engaging Activities

There is never a dull moment in our community. Your family members will always be on the move or engage in a lifestyle fit for their current situation. Whether it is for individuals or small groups, Discovery Commons At Wildewood has various purpose-driven activities to be enjoyed. We assure you that these undertakings cater to your loved ones’ current abilities and are offered on different days to avoid boredom. We also make sure that the activities we provide are age-appropriate, non-competitive, and failure-free.

Benefits of Having Engaging Activities in Your Senior Living Community

Staying physically, mentally, and socially active is crucial regardless of age. In reality, this becomes even more significant as you grow older, which is why engaging activities are a staple in our community. The following are some of the benefits you should take note of:

  • Physical Activities. The idea that physical activities may endanger your elderly loved ones is actually a myth. Studies have shown that a sedentary life can lead to more health problems like cardiovascular disease, injuries, and obesity. Exercising, on the other hand, decreases the possibility of depression, stroke, cancer, dementia, and diabetes. In addition, they allow your family members to enjoy independence.
  • Socially-Focused Activities. As the name suggests, these endeavors aid in the maintenance of a satisfying and meaningful life. Social activities foster improved physical and mental health, as well as healthy relationships with people and a continued sense of being an integral part of the community.
  • Mental Activities. These activities sharpen the mind and stimulate the intellect. Although dementia may be inevitable for a lot of people, tasks with a mental focus are proven to significantly slow down cognitive deterioration.

When Should You Consider Moving Into a Senior Living Community?

The most common reason for moving into a community like Discovery Commons At Wildewood is impaired health conditions. It is no doubt that your aging family members may be more susceptible to experience chronic medical conditions and as such, they need care assistance. Apart from this, however, your loved ones may find it difficult to live alone. This may also result in depression, addiction, and untimely mortality. If this is the case it might be time for you to ask for an extra hand.

Our community provides 24/7 care for the people in our community and we make certain they remain healthy in all aspects of their lives. Our engaging activities not only improve the physical health of your next of kin, but the constant interaction with the people in our community prevents them from acquiring mental problems, too.

Why Choose Discovery Commons At Wildewood’s Senior Living Community?

As previously mentioned, Discovery Commons At Wildewood takes extra time to create engaging activities that will help your loved ones improve their overall health. In our community, there is no room for being sedentary. You are guaranteed that your family members will enjoy their time interacting with their peers and our team of carers, who always see to it that they are looked after.

To learn more about living in Discovery Commons At Wildewood, contact us or call us at 240.301.9501 today.