Discovery Commons At College Park provides numerous activities and events to ensure that our residents stay active and engaged. The day may start with a visit to a cultural museum to appreciate the arts. Later on in the afternoon, you could go on a group hike in the nature reserve a few blocks away. The day can end with a concert by a local university’s music band or with board games. These are just some of the fun-packed activities and events you get to enjoy if you are a resident of Discovery Commons At College Park.

About Our Community Activities

We believe that engaging in community activities is important for our residents’ health and well-being and thus spend a lot of time and effort preparing different activities and events which cater to our residents’ needs. Some of our community activities are Celebrations Activities and Events, and Dimensions Health and Fitness. We want you to be able to enjoy recreational and relaxing activities that will deepen your relationships, forge stronger bonds and give you a greater sense of belonging and inclusivity. There are numerous trips and events planned where residents will be able to appreciate their local heritage and culture, learn about art attractions and literary works, and visit unique shops and attractions.

Benefits of Having Community Activities in Your Senior Living Community

There are numerous benefits of having community activities in your senior living community. Some of these benefits include higher feelings of fulfillment, purpose, and happiness. This is because residents who socialize, volunteer, work, and exercise can find greater meaning in their lives through making new relationships and improving on their social lives. Regular exercise and engaging in activities also help to maintain our body, spirit, and mind. When people are physically, socially, and mentally active, they fare much better and are less likely to fall sick or feel depressed. This is because physical, mental activities and social connections reduce the development of harmful diseases such as cancer, hypertension, heart disease, and premature death. Residents who felt a sense of belonging and purpose in their life were less likely to suffer from mental diseases or mental health decline, which would adversely affect their quality of life. Engaging in activities together with friends in the senior living community also helps to improve your mood, concentration levels, and your ability to continue learning

When Should You Consider Moving into a Senior Living Community?

There are many reasons why you and your loved ones should consider moving into a senior living community. One of the reasons is that senior living communities provide better security and safety. If you live alone, you may often find life worrying and stressful due to the lack of a proper support network and people to help you. In a senior living community, numerous team members help in security, monitoring, and emergencies to keep you safe. Senior living communities also have emergency call button services to ensure help is always available.

Why Choose Discovery Commons At College Park?

One of the things we take pride in is our range of community activities and safety. Here at Discovery Commons At College Park, our team members are always ready to assist you and ensure that you feel at ease so that you can focus on pursuing your hobbies. We have various community activities which are specially planned and managed every day to ensure that your life is exciting and fulfilling. You will never feel bored or isolated as there are always activities to participate in and new relationships to build.

If you would like to learn more about our senior living programs at Discovery Commons At College Park, simply contact us at 317. 872.4567 or schedule a tour to visit our living community and team members!