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Discovery Commons is more than just a place to live. It’s a place you can live to your fullest! Our exclusive senior living programs offer everything from the excitement of a full slate of activities to the convenience of full-time housekeeping staff. We even provide a 100% satisfaction guarantee you’ll love living here.

A few of our programs include:

  • 100% Satisfaction Guarantee
  • Ambassador Club
  • Sensations Dining
  • Celebrations Activities and Events
  • Dimensions Health and Fitness
  • Expressions Concierge
  • Impressions Housekeeping and Maintenance
  • Connections Transportation

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed


Discovery Commons Guarantees Your Full Satisfaction

We are confident in our ability to meet your needs and more. If you are not 100 percent satisfied for any reason within the first 90 days, just let us know. You may end your lease and community fees will be refunded.

Ambassador Club


Friends can always take pleasure in sharing stories and experiences, whether it’s a hot tip about a great, new restaurant nearby, a fresh stock recommendation, or a must-see movie or TV show. So when you discover the many joys of carefree senior living, you’ll want to tell your friends and loved ones, and we created the Ambassadors Club to reward you when you do!

As an Ambassador, you’ll earn valuable rent credit for referring new residents. And you’ll also enjoy exclusive, Ambassador-only parties, events, special bonuses and gifts. All you have to do is what you’re bound to do anyway…share with friends and loved ones how much you’re enjoying your new lifestyle at Discovery Commons.

So after you move in, speak with the Ambassadors Club Coordinator for details, and receive multiple, amazing benefits just for sharing joyful moments with those you care about.

Sensations Dining

Sensations DiningAmazing quality, freshness, menu diversity, and friendly table service are just some of the key ingredients of Sensations Dining, which we’ve created to ensure delicious, healthy dining options for every meal, every day.

Enjoy classic comfort favorites, regionally inspired dishes, and flavors from around the world, all made
from scratch daily by a professional culinary team.

Have special requests or dietary restrictions? No problem; our chefs will happily honor them. And with added benefits like widely available * all-day dining and everyday menu items, it’s never been easier to eat what you want, whenever you want it.

But Sensations Dining Is About So Much More Than Food

Something magical happens whenever friends and loved ones come together and enjoy a great meal. Those times are special, and occasions like that should come around more often…so here, through Sensations Dining, we make sure they do.

Go ahead, indulge a little. Have dessert. Share stories and laughter among friends at Happy Hour. And every time you find yourself enjoying your company just about as much as the food that brought you all together, soak in that moment. Because that’s what Sensations Dining is all about.


We’re thrilled to announce that our Culinary Team at Discovery Commons At Wildewood has achieved the esteemed Gold Star Award for 2023 from the St. Mary’s County Health Department! It’s a testament to our collective dedication to excellence, and we couldn’t be prouder of this accomplishment.

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Celebrations Activities & Events

Celebrations Activities & Events

“The hard part is deciding what to do next….and not because of a lack of options; it’s because of the appeal and accessibility of multiple ones.” – Karen G.

At Discovery Commons, each day can be filled with fun events and activities, and plenty of new possibilities for recreation and socializing with friends, both old and new.

Kick-off the day with a light workout, or just quietly enjoy your coffee as you read the paper. Later, take in a movie or live music performance, attend an interactive lecture on US or world history, or join in on popular games like cornhole and Wii bowling.

That is, if you’re around at all. With regular trips and excursions planned for local restaurants, shopping destinations, museums and attractions, and even theater and sporting events, your dedicated activities director will make every day engaging and exciting, whether at home in the community or out on the town.

Dimensions Health & Fitness

Dimensions Health & Fitness

Having a health-club-quality setting for exercising and getting or staying fit is a luxury all by itself, but at Discovery Commons, the senior-specific fitness center is really just the beginning.

That’s because our Dimensions Health & Fitness is a comprehensive and fully-inclusive wellness program created to promote health across every aspect of life:

  •  Physical
  •  Medical
  •  Emotional
  •  Social
  •  Intellectual
  •  Spiritual

With that, programs and amenities are in place throughout the community to stimulate mind, body, and soul. So start the day with an instructor-led yoga or stretching class. Take part in water and chair aerobics. Sign up for senior fitness classes, or even opt for personalized training and instruction. Any (or all) of those options are available right at home at Discovery Commons.

And when you add to that the many social and recreational events, guest lectures and educational presentations, onsite therapies, and worship services (where available), Dimensions is designed to play a major role in maximizing and sustaining health and lifestyle quality.

Expressions Concierge

Expressions ConciergeMaybe it’s the ease and convenience of knowing who to call for help with dining reservations, movie or event tickets, online shopping, making travel plans, or sending and receiving packages.

Or maybe it’s saving a few minutes (or more) each day by avoiding unnecessary hassles, and getting to spend more time relaxing or having fun because of it. Or maybe it’s just a familiar smile and a friendly face that’s always right there when you need them.

But no matter what’s the best part about it, dedicated Expressions concierge service will make day-to- day living that much easier…especially as you’re moving in and setting up your new home. Even after you’ve settled in, though, a friendly concierge will be there to lend a helping hand where and whenever it’s needed. Twenty-four-hour concierge service is an uncommon luxury, but it’s yet another way we make life at Discovery Commons even more senior friendly.

Impressions Housekeeping & Maintenance

Impressions Housekeeping & MaintenanceTake a permanent vacation from tedious and taxing housekeeping chores and count on our dedicated team members to make (and keep) your home fresh and clean, while you spend more time doing the things you enjoy.

Imagine the newfound freedom that would result from virtually eliminating your “to-do” list, not to mention the convenience and added safety. You’ll live worry-free, never again having to climb a ladder to change light bulbs or clean dusty ceiling fans. And there’s no scrubbing floors, vacuuming, or reaching under the sink for harsh chemicals, either.

Impressions Housekeeping & Maintenance will ensure your lasting comfort and contentment, whether basking in the sanctity of your own spotless apartment home, enjoying the community’s common areas, or strolling past the lush and perfectly manicured landscaping outside.

Connections Transportation

Connections Transportation

It’s life-changing, money saving, and could very well be the biggest convenience of all: At Discovery Commons, complimentary chauffeured transportation awaits to ensure you always get where you’re going, safely and right on time.

Perfect for medical appointments and shopping trips, dining out, or taking in a show or sporting event with friends and neighbors, you’ll delight in leaving the directions, parking, and door-to-door driving to us, so you can have more fun and worry less.

Connections Transportation provides unmatched freedom and convenience for seniors, and plenty of peace of mind for families. It’s not to say you can’t bring your car, but with complimentary transportation so readily available, you may just decide to leave the driving to us from now on!