Discovery Commons At College Park is a senior living community that provides a relaxing and energetic environment that is suited for independent individuals. We are situated in central Indianapolis and provide catered dining experiences for our residents which are suited for every tastebud. There is a wide variety of meals prepared by our experienced chefs which are made of the highest quality and from the freshest ingredients. Our catered dining experience is sure to leave you wanting more and our mouthwatering meals will satisfy your appetite.

About Our Catered Dining Experiences

Discovery Commons At College Park provides restaurant dining experiences for our residents. Our residents get to enjoy Sensations Dining which is our classic dining program. Our chefs are highly trained to whip up the most sumptuous and healthy meals for our residents using fresh ingredients that are sure to excite your taste buds. Our table service is also helpful and excellent and ensures that all our residents are well taken care of during their meals. Most of our community chefs were trained from the top culinary institutions in the United States and showcase their art and skill in their food. They inject their exuberance and passion into the food which makes the dining experience and food quality so much more comfortable and satisfying.

If you have any dietary restrictions or special requests, you do not need to worry as our chefs will be able to prepare meals that comply with your needs. Numerous benefits come with our Sensations Dining such as having menu items that are available every day and all-day dining options. Eating whatever you want, whenever you want has never been easier.

Benefits of Having Catered Dining Experiences in Your Senior Living Community

Having a catered dining experience in your senior living community is important as it allows you to build relationships and forge connections with other residents over food and conversation. Mealtime is a critical part of our social well-being and health and every resident must be able to enjoy a satisfying and rich experience when dining. Catered dining experiences in senior living communities also provide better food choices that are more nutritious and convenient, thereby contributing to the health and wellness of their residents.

When Should You Consider Moving into a Senior Living Community?

You should consider moving into a senior living community if you would like to improve your health and wellness. This is because senior living communities have numerous amenities and programs to help you stay active and healthy. Moreover, the team members at senior living communities are trained and experienced to provide better care and personalized services for your daily needs.

Why Choose Discovery Commons At College Park?

Here at Discovery Commons At College Park, we have numerous daily activities and programs planned for our residents to ensure their life is always engaging and fun. Whether you wish to pursue your hobbies or engage in social activities, we have everything covered and are sure to make you happy.

If you would like to learn more about our senior living programs at Discovery Commons At College Park, simply contact us at 317. 872.4567 or schedule a tour to visit our living community and team members!