technology for seniors

Technologies Recommended for Seniors – Part 2

Modern technology may just be all it’s cracked up to be. Many of our residents in our independent senior living community at Discovery Commons At College Park have discovered numerous advantages to various modern innovations. The following are more excellent technologies that can help to improve the quality of life for senior citizens: Self-Monitoring Tools…

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group of seniors meeting to ask What Is Independent Living for Seniors

What Is Independent Living for Seniors?

There are a number of senior living options these days, and for seniors who are considering where they want to spend their retirement, these options can seem overwhelming. For example, today, you have to select from senior apartments, independent living, assisted living, personal care, and more. However, before you take your first step toward choosing…

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senior woman getting help with breakfast at Assisted Living for Seniors

Assisted Living for Seniors

If you are considering moving to a senior living community, first, consider the level of care you or your loved one will need. Your living options will depend on your independence level and your goals for retirement. After considering these attributes of your life, next, find out if assisted living for seniors is the best…

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senior couple using tablet to look up How to Choose an Independent Living Facility

How to Choose an Independent Living Facility

Many seniors decide to move to a senior living community at some point in their retirement. Moving into an independent living facility should feel like a seamless transition from one stage of life to another. To that end, the community you choose should represent the lifestyle you want to continue to enjoy, even as you…

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woman drinking coffee in her home at Independent Living for Seniors

Independent Living for Seniors

As you enter your golden years, you may find that your home is getting too large to care for, or that household chores are becoming more difficult. Perhaps you want to move closer to family, or you wish you had more everyday opportunities for socializing and fun. Regardless of your reasons for deciding to move…

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