At Discovery Commons Cypress Point, we’re eliminating the old misconception that “All senior living communities are created equal.” That’s due to our exclusive lifestyle programs, which together promote comfort, convenience, financial security, and a superior overall living and care experience. 

Each of these distinctive lifestyle programs signifies unique features and benefits that can only be found right here in our community.

Through the power of our exclusive senior lifestyle programs, you or your loved one can choose to unwind quietly, or be constantly engaged with timely scheduled social events and activities. Plus, with housekeeping and home maintenance forever removed from your “to-do” list, there will be more time than ever to spend doing what you like.

Use our free, scheduled transportation for errands, appointments, and shopping trips, or take part in regular outings and visit local restaurants, attractions, and much more.

Our community’s lifestyle programs also include authentic, restaurant-style dining, senior-focused health and wellness, and friendly concierge service. Together, it’s everything you or your loved one need to begin a fun and fulfilling new chapter of life right here at Discovery Commons.

Our Senior Lifestyle Programs Include:

  • Representatives Club
  • Sensations Culinary
  • Celebrations Activities & Programs
  • Dimensions Fitness
  • Expressions Valet Service 
  • Connections Transportation
  • Impressions Impressions Housekeeping & Maintenance

Ambassadors club

Ambassadors Club

The Ambassadors Club was formed due to the fact that many of our residents have told their loved ones about their relaxing senior living lifestyle at Discovery Commons Cypress Point. By referring a resident to us, you’ll be presented with special events, parties, gifts, and bonuses. You can even opt for rent credits! All you have to do is inform others about your senior living lifestyle and the amenities you like most at Discovery Commons.

Sensations Dining

Sensations Dining

Our gourmet-style dining program ensures a wide selection of mouthwatering and fulfilling options for every meal, every day. Enjoy traditional, comfort favorites, local specialties, international flavors, and even special requests, all prepared on the spot by our professional team of top chefs.

Go ahead, enjoy a little. Have a sweet treat. Share your joy among others and mingle with friends. And every time you find yourself having a good time with your company just about as much as the food that brought you all together, indulge at that moment. Since Sensations Culinary at Discovery Commons Cypress Point is everything that you can dream of!

Celebrations Activities & Events

Celebrations Activities & Events

At Discovery Commons Cypress Point, each day can be filled with fun programs and activities, and a whole load of new opportunities for leisure and mingling about with friends both old and new.

Choices may include:

  • TV & movies
  • Live music performances
  • Informative guest lectures
  • Visiting local restaurants 
  • Shopping trips 
  • Diverse recreation including arts & crafts, games & more

Whether choosing to live close to your living place or participating in regularly scheduled trips and outings surrounding our local spot, our full-time activities director and accommodating team will make sure that each day is as active and exciting as possible, whether spent at home in the community or out on the town.

View Our Events Calendar Here

Dimensions Health & Wellness

dimensionsOur signature health and wellness programming are extensive and all-inclusive, designed to help all elderly promote their total health:

  • Physical
  • Medicine
  • Emotional
  • Communication
  • Intellectual
  • Spiritual

At Discovery Commons, programs and amenities take place surrounding the community for stimulation of the mind, body, and soul. Kick-start the day with a leisurely fitness class. Sign up for exclusive exercise classes, or even opt for individualized training and instruction, if there are any.

With daily social and leisurely events, guest talks and educational opportunities, on-site therapies, and health-derived, gourmet-prepared meals, no other community but Discovery Commons Cypress Point can do the job in helping residents to achieve the best results when it comes to maintaining their general health and lifestyle quality.

Expressions Concierge


Think about the hassle-free of knowing just who to reach for help whenever you need it, and how nice it will be to save a little time(or extra) every day by getting rid of unnecessary trouble and leaving all the burden into the good hands of our accommodating concierge team.

Let us assist with:

  • Dining reservations 
  • Movie or event tickets
  • Online shopping
  • Travel arrangements 
  • Sending and receiving packages, and much more

With round-the-clock concierge service, daily living at Discovery Commons Cypress Point becomes a walk in the park. And from the very first day, you or your loved one will get to spend more time unwinding or making the best out of this service.

Impressions Housekeeping & Maintenance


Take a forever vacation from difficult and cumbersome housekeeping chores and rely on our devoted team members to make (and keep) your home spick and span while you spend more time doing the things you enjoy.

Start living with peace of mind at Discovery Commons Cypress Point and completely forgo the responsibilities of having to clean a floor or dusty ceiling fans. With our full-service housekeeping and maintenance, you can leave the task of vacuuming or reaching under the sink for harsh chemicals to us.

At Discovery Commons Cypress Point, our included housekeeping and maintenance services will give enduring comfort and contentment, whether lying relaxed in your own dirt-free apartment home, utilizing the community’s common areas, or walking past the attractive and flawlessly manicured landscaping outside.

Connections Transportation


It’s life-altering, money-pinching, and could be the biggest convenience of all: at Discovery Commons Cypress Point, free chauffeured transportation is right at your doorstep to ensure you or your loved one always get where you’re headed, securely and in the nick of time.

Ideal for medical appointments and retail therapy trips, eating out or watching a show or sporting event with friends and neighbors, you’ll be happy in leaving the directions, parking, and door-to-door driving to us, so you can enjoy your life and worry less.

It’s not to say you can’t bring your car, but with free transportation so awaits you, you may just decide to let us drive you around from now on!

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