As part of the SHINE® Memory Care Program, residents receive the best dining experience we can offer, personalized and catered to individual needs. Your loved ones will experience quality chef-prepared meals, cooked with ingredients to best promote good health and memory retention. There is no set menu, every resident will receive their own best fit, to suit their culinary, as well as their psychological requirements. Proper dining is one of the major prongs of our SHINE® program and comes together with all the others to form our memory care curriculum.

About Our Chef-Prepared Dining Experiences

While seemingly unimportant at first blush, eating well can improve your loved one’s health and memory, in significant ways. Dark chocolates, berries, and broccoli are known brain-boosting foods, and so we incorporate these, and other nutrient-dense foods, into our dishes.

In our view, the benefits are significant enough to include dining as a part of our memory care commitment, headed by a team of experienced chefs who are dedicated to putting together personalized meals for our residents. Because, at the end of the day, we know every resident will have different tastes, nutritional requirements, and psychological preferences. Some will prefer dining alone, some with friends, and for some, we might have to resort to “Food on the Run” if they frequently wander. Here at Discovery Commons, we provide for all these.

Benefits of Chef-Prepared Dining Experiences in Your Senior Living Community

With the right meals, your loved ones are bound to notice an improvement in their overall health and memory over a period of time. This will happen concurrently with our other services under SHINE®, but its impact is bound to be significant, since residents will consume 3 meals a day, on the house.

The benefit of having a completely personalized menu, a choice of dining venues and assorted options will please your loved ones. Before they know it, they will be digging into nutritious and scrumptious dishes every day and night.

When Should You Consider Moving into a Senior Living Community?

Some families lack the capacity to cook nutritious meals for their loved ones every breakfast, lunch, and dinner without fail. It is difficult, to be sure, and will require a massive commitment and a major undertaking, to say nothing of additional costs incurred in obtaining healthy ingredients for cooking. At Discovery Commons At Bradenton, our SHINE® dining experience will no doubt allay your worries and concerns, as this is exactly what we will do, prepare nutritious meals and dining options for every individual resident.

Why Choose Discovery Commons At Bradenton’s Senior Living Community?

Other than personalized fine dining, the SHINE® Memory Care Program at the Discovery Commons At Bradenton offers an amenity-rich lifestyle, a caring and professional team of medical experts, and tons of exciting activities and events. We welcome you to reach out to us today to find out more about the SHINE® Memory Care Program at the Discovery Commons At Bradenton.

To learn more about living in Discovery Commons At Bradenton, contact us or call us at 941.212.0856 today.