Cost will factor into the decision of an older adult on whether to move into a senior living community such as Discovery Commons Virginia Beach. Several older adults won’t believe such a prospect to be affordable or even worth it in the long run, but that may not be so. You’ll need to crunch the numbers to be certain and within this page is a senior living cost calculator that’s informal for that purpose. Moreover, Home living will incur its own sets of costs, in certain cases, almost as much as living in a senior living community.

The Costs of Living at Home

First think about your daily expenses, especially your home apartment rent, maintenance, services, and your utility bill for your home, the amount of taxes you pay, and lastly your lifestyle costs. All these will total a heavy sum. If you’re not shocked by the figures you receive, you already know that living at home is not free. There are many other categories of costs for you to total and some might not be obvious, take a moment to list them all out, it will be worth it later.

These are your base costs but think about future costs as well. For the next 10 years, if you stay home, you may need to pay for health monitoring and medical services, on top of home renovation. All in all, that is a lot of math.

The Costs of Living in a Senior Living Community

On the contrary, staying in a senior living community is included with upfront fixed costs. Like rental, which can range from $1,500 to $6,000 depending on where you go. If you request additional services, such as special event participation, medicine administration, or 24/7 medical coverage, extra charges might be included.

But consider that after these costs, you don’t need to concern yourself with your medical status, your sources of entertainment, paying for your meals, and utilities. You’ll be free to live life the way you want. Senior living communities usually offer seriously different lifestyle choices, so you will be able to socialize and try out new activities and events.

The Point of Balance

It’s unfair to declare outright that either choice is the one that’s better. Eventually, balance the living costs at home, with the costs of living in a community, while thinking about the added benefits one side offers over the other.

The living cost will drastically differ throughout cities and states, as also lifestyle choices and personal preferences. Still, without this calculus as a beginning point, it’ll be hard to make a move that’s decisive on your dilemma. In the end, you might discover that living in a community could be more ideal to your budget and attractive than you initially thought.

If you are still uncertain, consider getting in contact with our Senior Lifestyle Counselor so you’re guided to the right decision. Contact us or call us at 757.919.4322 today.