At Discovery Commons, we are not just a place for your loved ones to live in. We’re a place that lets every one of our residents live their later lives full of fulfillment! Our exclusive senior living programs ensure to offer all things fun and convenient. With full slates of events and activities, also the benefit of housekeeping staff that tends to you according to your needs, so you could be certain to have a great time at Discovery Commons.

Some of our programs are inclusive of:

  • Connections Transportation
  • Impressions Housekeeping and Maintenance
  • Expressions Concierge
  • Dimensions Health and Wellness
  • Celebrations Activities and Events
  • Sensations Dining
  • Ambassadors Club

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Ambassadors Club

ambassadors-club-logo-300x200-1Tell your life stories with new friends can be an enjoyable thing to do. Talking about a great, and the newest nearby restaurant or a new must-watch movie that is showing, having someone to communicate with will always put a smile on people’s faces. And that’s why, at Discovery Commons, we introduce the Ambassadors Club.

You’ll earn rent credits for new residents’ referrals as an Ambassador. You’ll also be invited to Ambassador-only events and parties & enjoy exclusive special bonuses and gifts. All you’ve got to do is to share with loved ones and friends about your brilliant experiences here at Discovery Commons. Talk to our Ambassador Club Coordinator for more details and enjoy incredible benefits by just having your joyful moments shared with those you care about.

Sensations Dining

Sensations Dining

Friendly table service, regionally inspired dishes, fresh ingredients, and the amazing quality are just a few main ingredients you can get in our Sensation Dining program where you could enjoy nutritious and delicious dining options 3 times a day.

Enjoy classic favorites as well as flavors from all around the world with our diverse range of menu choices. All meals are prepared fresh daily by our professional culinary team.

If you have any dietary restrictions or special requests, our Executive Chef is happy to accommodate them. With available all-day dining and everyday menu items, you can eat what you want, when you want it without the hassle of daily meal preparation.

But Sensation Dining Is About So Much More Than Food

Eating is a social event, a special moment to bond with friends and loved ones. When you come together and enjoy something delicious, you are sharing a special moment, and also in our Sensations Dining Room you’re sure to enjoy these times.

Share some laughter with friends while having dessert. Every time you find yourself enjoying the gathering, especially as much as the food that brought you all together, soak in that moment. Because that is what Sensations Dining is all about.

Check out our Sample Menu Here

Celebrations Activities & Events

Celebrations Activities & Events

“The hard part is deciding what to do next….and not because of a lack of options; it’s because of the appeal and accessibility of multiple ones.” – Karen G.

At Discovery Commons, no two days are the same. You can choose from a packed calendar of social and recreational activities and events to indulge in daily.

Either you prefer starting your day with some yoga or enjoying your tea or coffee as you read the paper in a quiet environment, it’s entirely up to you. Later on in the day, you may wish to attend an educational seminar on world history, head down to the theater for a movie, or join your neighbors for an exciting card game.

That is, if you’re around at all. With trips that are regularly scheduled around the local area that include sporting events, museums restaurants, and shopping destinations, at our community, every day is exciting and engaging, whether out in town or onsite.

View Our Calendar Here

Dimensions Health & Wellness

Dimensions-Wellness-Lifestyle-Logo_Blue.jpgHaving a conducive environment for quality health and wellness may be a luxury in itself, but that is just the first step.

Our Dimensions Health & Wellness is a senior-equipped, fully-inclusive program that focuses on health across every aspect of life, including:

  • Physical
  • Medical
  • Intellectual
  • Social
  • Spiritual

Our luxurious amenities and wellness sessions throughout the community are in place to stimulate the mind, body, and soul. Whether you prefer to start the day with a stretching class that’s instructor-led or opt for personalized training and instruction, you can do everything you wish at Discovery Commons.

Furthermore, we have several recreational and social events, worship services available onsite, onsite therapy sessions, guest lectures, and educational seminars. Dimensions’ a comprehensive program made to maximize overall lifestyle quality and health.

Expressions Concierge

Expressions Concierge

Need assistance with making reservations for dining, booking event or movie tickets, doing online shopping, or receiving and sending packages? Our concierge team is here to make your life convenient and easier for you.

You might simply wish to live your life hassle-free, freeing up your time to do the things you love. Or maybe the best part of your day is seeing a friendly smile and a familiar face, knowing they’re always there when you want them.

Regardless of what you love most about it, our devoted Expressions concierge service will make your everyday life a lot simpler. From the moment you move into after you’ve moved in, our friendly team’s always there to assist you. Round-the-clock concierge service is a luxury for all our residents at Discovery Commons.

Impressions Housekeeping & Maintenance

Impressions Housekeeping & Maintenance

You can leave the weight of tiring housekeeping chores behind permanently and rely on our dedicated team members to keep your home clean and comfortable. In the meantime, you can focus on the things you enjoy!

Imagine the freedom and convenience you can experience when you never have to do household chores again, not to mention the added safety. From ladder climbing to switching up to new light bulbs to cleaning harsh chemicals under the sink, you won’t have to do either again.

Impressions Housekeeping & Maintenance will ensure you are able to live content and comfortably in your new home, whether you are unwinding in your apartment or in one of the many indoor and outdoor common areas around the community.

Connections Transportation

Connections Transportation

It is life-altering and cost-saving, they are conveniences that are the most popular of all: At Discovery Commons, residents get joy from complimentary chauffeured transportation that allows them to go to where they need to be, always on schedule and safely.

Ideal for medical appointments, daily shopping trips, dining out, or taking in a show or a sporting event with new friends or neighbors, you will be thrilled in leaving the parking, directions, and door-to-door driving to us, so you can have all the time you want to have fun without any worries.

Connections Transportation provides unparalleled convenience and utmost freedom for seniors, and full peace of mind for their families. You can still choose to drive your car, but we’re confident you would not want to after experiencing the simplicity of our complimentary transportation service which is readily available.