Discovery Commons Virginia Beach takes pride in providing excellent assisted living service and care to our residents. Our objective is to build an ideal environment that’s both relaxing and comforting so as to let our residents maintain good physical and mental well-being. Our community offers refined accommodations and convenient amenities that allow our residents to experience a senior living experience that’s unlike any other.

About Our 24-Hour Nursing Care Services

We’re proudly offering 24/7 nursing care to our residents who need regular healthcare support that we offer via specialized care. Our care program’s facilitated by certified nurses & assistant nurses who help to encourage a higher lifestyle quality by ensuring that our residents get the attention they need around the clock. Our 24/7 nursing care includes wound dressing, IV drip service, mobility assistance, medication administration, and more. Residents who’re experiencing different medical problems can get their health monitored regularly to ensure that they are always in stable condition.

Benefits of 24-Hour Nursing Care in Our Senior Living Community

It’s important to give 24/7 nursing care to residents who’re not in good health. They need to have their health monitored around the clock as well as their medications to be administered accordingly, because these practices can assist with ensuring the residents have every one of their medical needs well-handled by trained professionals. Also, residents with mobility problems will be given specialized care to avoid mishaps like falls that can lead to fatalities or even serious injuries. Certified nurses will be available 24/7 to render the support that these residents regularly need.

When Should You Consider Moving into a Senior Living Community?

Senior assisted living with 24-hour nursing care provides professional medical services which can also help residents manage their diet and nutrition issues. Those experiencing incontinence will also receive the support that they need regularly. Each resident’s provided access to on-site nursing care that is delivered by licensed nurses who are trained to address a series of medical and healthcare conditions. Through the best practices of care, residents with medical needs can rest assured that their health will be monitored around the clock and that the right type of specialized care will be provided accordingly.

Why Choose Discovery Commons Virginia Beach’s Senior Living Community?

Discovery Commons Virginia Beach provides residents with medical needs with the specialized care and support that they need. They can look forward to retiring in an environment that is the most ideal for their mental and physical state. Our 24/7 nursing care is delivered by licensed nurses & nursing assistants who employ the best medical practices to help our residents be in their best shape at all times. Through the knowledge and skills possessed by our nurses, residents can rest assured that they can get to improve their quality of life regardless of whether they have a progressive or chronic medical condition.

To learn more about Discovery Commons Virginia Beach’s 24-Hour nursing care services, contact us or call us at 757.919.4322 today.