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Discovery Commons Virginia Beach’s Memory Care neighborhood promises security, comfort, and top-class care and programming. Our Memory Care professionals here are trained uniquely and utilize the latest, evidence-based methods to promote brilliance in person-centered care. It’s a special approach that can only be found right here. That, however, is just a few of what makes our community the area’s ideal option for memory care.

Discovery Commons Virginia Beach is inviting and cozy, with professional team members who give assistance right when and where it is needed, 24/7, 7 days a week. Moreover, our all-inclusive memory care rates are ensuring complete financial transparency, for more sustainable care solutions.

How Senior Memory Care Programs Help

At Discovery Commons Virginia Beach, our residents will enjoy a social and friendly environment where lounging areas for activities, warm common areas, and lovely dining rooms will help build friendships. Seniors with dementia and other conditions that are memory-related need compassion and guidance from us. Our Memory Care team members will ensure that your loved ones will receive the highest level of care and attention you require.

Our program provides exceptional long-term care made to meet our resident’s needs. Over a supervised environment, we help residents with daily medical monitoring. Also, we provide activities to ensure that residents are kept engaged with each other in order for them to have a sense of purpose.

Many advantages of memory care communities are the everyday assistance of certified team members, the socialization and interaction between the residents, and the safe and secure environment that residents are in. If you are considering a memory care program, here at Virginia Beach, VA, we offer quality care and comfortability in our community.

Discovery Commons Virginia Beach: Memory Care Program

By entering our Memory Care community, which is one of the best memory care communities in Virginia Beach, VA, your loved ones will be in good hands.

Discover Independence, Confidence, and Self-Esteem

At Discovery Village senior living communities, we know the impact of the following:

  • Promoting physical exercise, mental activity stimulation, and maintaining social & religious contacts
  • Encouraging active participation in all daily activities
  • Focusing on the positive rather than the negative
  • Celebrating each small success one at a time

Discover Dining Delights

  • Active participation in dining with assistance given as required
  • “Food on the Run” for residents who’re no longer can focus on mealtime or wander frequently
  • Dining in a tranquil environment each day at the exact same time, letting residents focus on eating
  • Meals that are nutrient-dense gourmet promote good health overall

Discover Fun and Engaging Activities


  • Purpose-driven activities on a one-to-one basis or in small groups
  • Activities geared towards residents’ time of day and present abilities
  • Activities that are age-appropriate, failure-free, and noncompetitive
  • Opportunities that meet the attention spans of our residents

Discover Friendships and Belonging

  • To help maintain a maximum sense of independence, we offer active support and participation in personal care activities
  • Productive activities provide a sense of personal worth and success
  • Personal care activities that describe how an individual is viewed by their friends & family
  • Play or leisure activities help to promote friendships and pleasure among residents to increase life quality

Contact Discovery Commons Virginia Beach’s Senior Living Community

Our Memory Care programs puts emphasis in the following in their holistic, personalized treatment plans:

  • Excellent communication with family members and residents
  • Extensive training for members of our team
  • A dining experience that puts subtle sciences to use in order to stimulate interaction, participation, awareness, and appetite
  • Group & one-on-one activities, sensory experiences and moments that are quiet and relaxed
  • Neighborhoods that are safe and secure created with your dearest’s convenience, happiness and health in mind

For additional information regarding our Memory Care Program and also to experience life from the eyes of our residents, please get in contact with our Senior Lifestyle Counselor at 757.919.4322 or by using our convenient online form. We will be delighted to hear and talk with you about your concerns and your loved one’s personal needs. You can explore our conveniences as well as the charming community by touring with us, and we’ll answer any questions and address any concerns that you may have.

To find out more regarding our Memory Care program, kindly complete the below form to get in contact with a Senior Lifestyle Counselor: