Discovery Commons San Pablo community offers a senior living experience that is unlike any other. We offer a world-class Memory Care program and senior assisted living option, designed carefully to cater to the seniors’ needs who require 24/7 specialized care. Discovery Commons San Pablo also aims to help our residents adapt to their new home by creating an environment that’s pet-friendly and allowing our residents to retire with their pets.

About Our Pet-Friendly Senior Living Community

At Discovery Commons San Pablo, we understand how animals are adored by everyone, that includes seniors. There is always that special bond created by owners with their pets which we don’t wish to see detached when residents settle into our community. Since our establishment is a community that’s pet friendly, residents can resume living with their cherished pets to enjoy the long-lasting friendship that offers lots of health and physical benefits.

Benefits of Being a Pet-Friendly Senior Living Community

Seniors stand to significantly benefit from pets, residents will find comfort thanks to their friendly demeanor. The wholesome of pets gives us a good feeling and residents of our community can cuddle or talk with their fur mates to alleviate various health conditions. Interaction with pets via cuddles or talks can increase the activity within the brain which in turn helps to mitigate the depression effects. Moreover, pets help in keeping our residents active when they’re bringing their pets for a walk or throughout regular play sessions. Socializing with other owners of pets will also help in encouraging social interaction which is a great opportunity for our residents to forge new, meaningful relationships with their neighbors. All these activities that our residents get to enjoy along with their pets can help in reducing their cholesterol and triglyceride levels, and improve their heart rates.

When Should You Consider Moving into a Senior Living Community?

There are several questions that family members can inquire about their dearest to decide if the senior needs to think about shifting into a senior assisted living community. The questions to ask include the following:

  • Is their loved one eating healthy, regular, and well-balanced meals?
  • In their kitchen, do they have day-to-day access to nutritious food?
  • Can they safely move around on their own? (check for injuries or accidental bruising)
  • Are they able to independently perform daily personal tasks like personal showering, grooming, and others?
  • Do they help with general healthcare or medication administration?
  • Can they efficiently move to safety should an emergency situation happen?

If your senior dearest needs assistance in more than one general everyday task, it’s best for them to consider moving into a senior assisted living community. You can be assured that their everyday needs are well taken care of by professionals with years of experience.

Why Choose Discovery Commons San Pablo’s Senior Living Options?

Discovery Commons San Pablo stays true to our key objective which is to deliver everyday conveniences to our residents in one place. Our comprehensive list of facilities will improve the quality of life of our residents and get all their health and wellness needs under control. Our pet-friendly environment can further help our residents in achieving a higher sense of rejuvenation that can allow them to retire in tranquility and peace.

To learn more about Discovery Commons San Pablo’s pet-friendly community, contact us online or call us at 904.851.0104 today.