Dimensions Health & Wellness

seniors stretching in the park for Senior Living Health ProgramsHaving a conducive environment for quality health and wellness may be a luxury in itself, but that is just the first step.

Our Dimensions Health & Wellness is a senior-equipped, fully-inclusive program that focuses on health across every aspect of life, including:

  •  Physical
  •  Medical
  • Intellectual
  •  Social
  •  Spiritual

Our luxurious amenities and wellness sessions throughout the community are in place to stimulate the mind, body, and soul. Whether you prefer to start the day with an instructor-led stretching class or opt for personalized instruction and training at our fitness center, you can do everything you wish at Discovery Commons.

On top of that, we have many social and recreational events, educational seminars, guest lectures, onsite therapy sessions, and worship services available onsite. Dimensions is a comprehensive program designed to maximize health and overall quality of life.