About Our Retirement Community

Great Experiences Are Made Here Daily

Comfortable, care-free living near the heart of Indy. Resort-style amenities. And friendly people all around. That’s just some of what awaits here at Discovery Commons At College Park. But it’s a big part of why our community is nationally known for exemplifying excellence in independent senior living.
So please, read on to explore the many reasons why our residents are proud to call Discovery Commons their home, and you will be, too!

An Amenity-Rich Lifestyle

At Discovery Commons, you can expect exclusive diversity when it comes to facilities that will kickstart your gastronomical delights, rejuvenate your senses and physical body so that you can face every day with full excitement, or unwind as you like.

Both in and around Discovery Commons, a wide range of first-class amenities await that will awaken the palette, stimulate the mind and body, and help make each day as exhilarating—or as relaxed—as desired.

Our Exclusive Facilities Include:

  • Restaurant-Concept Dining plus live food preparation.
  • Elderly-Targeted Exercise
  • Picturesque Congregation Outlet
  • Multi-Purpose Gaming Space & Arts Corner

Team Members Who Care

Here, experience a unique vibe that you can see, hear and feel within the community. You can find it in the exhilarating burst of happiness among those who are close to you, a fuzzy wrap in the waist from your most likable senior care provider, and the hands-on service that they provide you round the clock. It is about going the extra mile to commit and care for others which is what makes it so special.

Residents Say It Best

Discovery Commons is not your typical retirement home for the elderly. It is a utopian living or lifestyle catered towards residents to help them achieve liberty, joy, and mental tranquility. We are the real deal as we can put back the meaning of life into our residents through each passing day. To find out more, click on to read about our impact on them.

Daily Activities & Events

Every day, we offer you a plethora of fun activities, be it for social or for one’s knowledge. Regardless it is an important event, a purposeful talk, or a fun-filled day out or field trip, you can never find anything remotely similar, and residents will be happy since they can do what their hearts desire, seek new hobbies, or be carefree and follow where their emotional spirit takes them to.

Area Attractions

The many sights, sounds and flavors of our beloved Indy are on display year-round, and all are readily accessible from Discovery Commons’ central location. From history and the arts, to dining, sports and a host of immersive entertainment options, life here is rich and exciting, with available experiences limited only by the depths of your own imagination!