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6 Relaxing Mother's Day Activities for Older Adults


We all know how amazing Mom is. She’s always done so much for the family whether she was mending a broken heart, patching up scraped knees, or giving her world-class advice. Mother’s Day is just around the corner, and though it may seem impossible to show your mom exactly how much she means to you in just one day, it is the perfect opportunity to remind her of how special she is to you. Gifts and flowers are a nice surprise, but there’s nothing like spending quality time with the woman who raised and cared for you. We compiled a list of a few ideas for things to do this Mother’s Day that is sure to leave a smile on Mom’s face.


1.    Catch a Movie

Host a fun movie event for Mom! Either pick out a new movie you both have been wanting to see or have her suggest one of her old-time favorites. If you decide to go out you can plan a trip to the local theater again. Or, if you decide to stay in, get out your comfy pillows and blankets and make it a movie marathon at home. Make your movie experience and extra special occasion by surprising Mom with all the movie classics: popcorn, candy, and refreshments!

2.    Go to the Salon

With all the hard work Mom has put in over the many years, she always deserves to be pampered. Treat Mom by taking her to your local salon! Have her pick between a massage, a manicure, or a new hair-do. You two can bond and reminisce over memories while getting some rest and relaxation.

3.    Take a Walk

Mother’s Day is the ideal holiday for some outdoor activity because the weather is usually gorgeous in May. You can take a stroll to the park or around your community. You and Mom will be getting some exercise together which is healthy for the body and mind.

4.    Have Lunch Together

Take Mom to her favorite restaurant or try a new spot together. Share a relaxed meal and take the time to catch up on everything. Just make sure you have reservations if you are visiting a popular location.

5.    Take a Class Together

Taking a class together is a great and unique bonding experience. You can take a painting class, a cooking class, or a pottery class. Whatever you choose – getting out and using your hands is stimulating and your mom will appreciate the quality time you two spend together.

6.    Spend Time in the Garden

By May, flowers and vegetables should be in full bloom in the garden. Spend some time watering plants, planting seeds, and tending to the garden together.

No matter what activity you decide, remember that the most important thing is being able to spend some quality time with your mom. Discovery Commons has many activities like dining or event options that you and your Mom can participate in together. Take a look at our activities calendar for all of our fun events scheduled around Mother’s Day!

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